Spin Mop--Y28
Y28- Spin Mop

Spin Mop


Technical Parameters

Item Number: Y-28

Color: Cream and Brown

Bucket Material: PP

Rod Material: Stainless Steel

Wringing Basket Material: Plastic or Stainless Steel

Mop Head Cloth Material: Microfiber

Size: Bucket 50*32*28.5cm/Mop head base 16cm/Mop head cloth 36cm/Mop handle length Min.100cm-Max.130cm

Water Load Capacity: 10L

*It is the neutral color on the picture, OEM color is available for the large quantity.

Detachable dehydration basket

Detachable stainless steel dehydration basket for easy drainage and cleaning inside the bucket

Adjustable stainless steel rod

Double-layer composite rod, durable

Centrifugal drying

Does not dirty hands, easily dehydrates, removes oil stains, hair

Spin washing ・ Cleaning stains

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